Below follows the typical weekly pattern of prayer and worship in our four churches. For weekday Masses and devotions please confirm on the newsletter before travelling, as times may vary depending on funerals, weddings and other events. Holy Day Mass times are published on the newsletter the week beforehand.

Information about today on the Church’s liturgical calendar is as follows:


Sunday6.00pm (Sat)Holy MassSaint Philip Neri
6.00pm (Sat)Holy MassSaint Bernadette
8.45amHoly MassSaint Joseph
9.00amHoly MassSaint Philip Neri
10.45amHoly MassSaint Teresa
11.00amHoly MassSaint Philip Neri
Monday12.10pmHoly MassSaint Philip Neri
7.00pmHoly MassSaint Joseph
Tuesday9.00amHoly Mass (School)Saint Joseph
9.30amExposition of the Blessed SacramentSaint Bernadette
6.00pmRosarySaint Philip Neri
6.30pmHoly MassSaint Philip Neri
Wednesday12.10pmHoly MassSaint Philip Neri
6.30pmExposition of the Blessed SacramentSaint Teresa
7.30pmHoly MassSaint Teresa
Thursday9.30amHoly Mass (School)Saint Philip Neri Voluntary Academy
2.00pmExposition of the Blessed SacramentSaint Bernadette
5.00pmRosarySaint Bernadette
7.00pmExposition of the Blessed SacramentSaint Joseph
Friday9.00amHoly MassSaint Bernadette
11.00amExposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Rosary & BenedictionSaint Philip Neri
12.10pmHoly MassSaint Philip Neri
Saturday10.00amHoly MassSaint Philip Neri