Friday Devotions & Benediction:  Why not join the faithful at 11am in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in private prayer and meditation before Our Lord on the Altar; followed by recitation of the Rosary and the Litany of Our Lady, culminating with Benediction prior to 12.10pm Mass? – A precious weekly privilege and joy!


First Fridays

Our First Friday Prayers  originate with Saint Mary Alacoque, a French nun of the Visitation Order in the late seventeenth century; to whom was revealed a new devotion centred on the Sacred Heart of Jesus: afire with love for all humanity.  We begin, with Our Lord’s Sacramental Presence on the Altar, with the Divine Mercy Devotions (revealed in 1935 to Saint Faustina, a nun of the Congregation of Our Lady of Mercy, in Krakow), appropriately ending with the Petitions of the Five Glorious Wounds; we then close with the Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


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