Masses and Services this week




5th Sunday of Lent

Saturday Vigil                 6.00pm People of the Parish

Sunday                           9.00am Pat & Alice Harrison

                                     11.00am Mark Pettit & Frances Lloyd RIP

Monday– St Joseph – Spouse of the Blessed Virgin May (Solemnity)

                                       12.10pm Netschajenko Family RIP

Tuesday– Lenten Feria 

                              Rosary at 6.00pm followed by Mass at                                    

                                         6.30pm Michael Walsh

Wednesday – Lenten Feria                                     

                                      12.10pm John McDonagh RIP

Thursday – Lenten Feria

In School                        9.30am Mary Conroy RIP

Friday – Lenten Feria

Devotions this week from 11.00am until 12 noon

                                      12.10pm Josie Power RIP

                                        7.00pm Stations of the Cross

Saturday – Lenten Feria

                                      10.00am Tony McGee RIP

Baptism                          12noon Isabella Ford                                        

5th Sunday of Lent

Saturday Vigil                 6.00pm Mick & Teresa Moore RIP

Sunday                           9.00am Pat Roddy RIP

                                     11.00am People of the Parish


Confessions after 10am Mass and 6pm Vigil Mass on Saturday

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